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We’ve all heard of beautiful stories where it all began with friendship and then turned into love. Sounds great, right? Well, we think falling in love with your best friend is pretty cool. Not because you both know each other well but also because of a bunch of other reasons. Here’s why…
1. Your friend knows exactly what’s on your mind, even if you don’t say a word.
2. You both can’t go a single day without talking to each other
3. You have a lot of common friends
4. You need not waste time in getting to know each other. The two of you have spent years doing that.
5. You can be yourself when you two are together
6. There’s nothing that’s hidden between the two of you. She knows all your secrets and he knows your’s
7. There’s no feeling shy in front of each other or thinking about what to talk when you’re with him
8. You’re allowed to be Stupid or dumb together

Why Falling in Love With Your Best Friend is the Coolest Thing Ever

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