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Wedding Gifts

Indian weddings are known for their pomp and show. Guests are treated as gods and Indian weddings demonstrate it with added charm. In Hindu weddings, gifting forms an integral part of the ceremony. Both guests and hosts exchange gifts, in order to express their joy and gratitude. However, while choosing a gift for the couple, do keep in mind certain things like which party has invited you, the girls or the boys, your relation, your budget etc. When in a fix while choosing the gift, you can always opt to give cash as a token of love. Here are some wedding gift ideas that may come handy.

For the Couple

In a wedding, although the guests either hail from the bride’s side or from the groom’s side, it’s a fair idea to encompass both of them when it comes to the gift. That way one can convey their best wishes for the happy couple and be memorable to them together. Here are some ideas that work best in this scenario:

Cash – It is a long standing tradition in India to present the newlyweds with cash. Also known as Shagun in certain parts of India, cash not only gives the couple the gift of choice, but for the guests it releases them from the pressure of having to worry about the likability of their gifts. All you have to do is put the amount in a nice, decorative envelope and just hand it over along with your blessings. Previously, gift cheques were in vogue, where u had to just deposit it into your bank account or just encash it at a branch. Nowadays you can purchase a gift card from any bank which can just be swiped at the store during purchase just like credit or debit cards. This is the most efficient way of gifting and sets the newlywed couple up nicely when they are contemplating building a space of their own.

Gift Vouchers – Another popular way of giving the gift of choice is to present the couple with Gift Vouchers from trendy lifestyle chain stores like Shopper’s Stop, Westside and Pantaloons, or even e-stores like Amazon and Flipkart. These vouchers can be used to purchase a wide range of lifestyle items like clothes, shoes, decorative items, books, electronic appliances and gadgets.

Holiday/ Honeymoon Package – It is a great idea to gift the newlyweds an all-expense paid trip to a beautiful destination for just the two of them. It can be to a serene hill station like Kashmir or Uttaranchal, or it can be a romantic beach holiday in Goa or Andamans. If you are feeling generous, gift them an international holiday, anywhere from Bali to Europe depending on your budget. I am sure it will be considered a thoughtful gesture as the couple gets to spend quality time with each other without having to worry about the nuances of the trip.

Spa Session – Indian weddings are a long drawn out process with multiple ceremonies spanning over days. Having to go through them all and interacting with the entire guest can be pretty exhausting. So, a post-wedding spa session can be the ticket to ward off all the weariness and get rejuvenated for their future. It is a great idea to gift them a pre-booked session of pampering at a renowned spa, complete with aromatherapy and mud-baths to wipe away all traces of post-wedding fatigue.

Furniture – Every newly married couple dreams of building a space of their own and it may be a great idea to contribute towards decorating that by gifting furniture for their room or home. It may be a modern queen size bed, or it can be the cozy recliner set for them to relax or even a nice decorative indoor swing. Leave your mark forever in their home with a piece of beautiful furniture.

Home Appliances – Modern electric appliances are indispensible for a modern household and gifting a key piece may be the way to earn some heartfelt thank you. It can be for entertainment purpose like Television or a Home theatre, or it may be for the kitchen, like a refrigerator or food processor. Microwave ovens, Induction cookers and mixer grinders are also some indispensible but relatively cheaper options.

Customized Decorative Items – If you were familiar with the couple before they got married and have some nice memories captured, you can incorporate them to make some great personalized home décor items like Photo Collage, Composite photo frames, wall hangings, Photo Clocks, throw pillows, Coffee Mugs and show pieces.

Photo Montage – If you are a photography enthusiast and believe that photos are the best ways to relive a moment over and over again then you may consider creating a very special photo montage for the couple before, during or after the wedding ceremonies. Use your framing skills to capture their special moments, get all the near and dear ones to write personal anecdotes involving the two, create a special digital or paper scrapbook, and there’s a keeper of a gift.

Jewelry – Jewelry sets like bracelets, with your blessing engraved on them are great idea for gifting. One can also gift other jewelry items like gold chains and rings as a ‘him and her’ set.

Watches – Couple watch sets are also a great idea to gift the newlyweds, perfect way to say that their happy times have begun.

Perfumes – Designer perfumes are a great gift to wish the couple the best in their new journey. Brands like Clavin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavali make great perfumes for both genders and they come in beautiful gift sets that scream class and style.

Toiletries – Fragrant toiletry sets including Shower Gel, Shampoos and Body creams are great for gifting with brands like The Body Shop and Forest Essentials having multiple ranges suitable for both him and her. It will be a great idea to combine two such ranges into one single fragrant gift set. You can also go for Him and Her towel and Bathrobe sets with their names monogrammed on them.

Books – If the couple shares a passion for reading, then books may be the ideal gift. Be sure to include one from their favorite genres and include some you think they will enjoy reading together.

Flowers and Cards – Flowers are always a good idea to express your blessing and good wishes for the happy couple on their journey. Be sure to include some heartfelt words of wisdom in an accompanying greeting card.

For Her

Certain ideas remain deep-rooted in our Indian psyche and gender roles are being reversed every day, certain gifts are favored more for gifting the bride keeping in mind her traditional role of keeper of the household, than others.

Jewelry – Necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings and anklets made of gold and silver, studded with precious semi-precious stones remain the top choice to be gifted to the bride. Traditionalists prefer 22K gold jewelry, while more modern-minded people are choosing platinum and 18k gold jewelry with modern designs. Diamond earrings and rings are also very popular options when it comes to wedding gifts. Jewelry boxes to store all the trinket is also a great idea for gifting.

Dresses – Wedding season spells endless number of ceremonies, functions and invitations. For that purpose gifting a saree, or lehenga or salwar-kameez, is a great option. You can even go for high end designer labels like Sabyasachi and Ritu Kumar if your budget permits. Dresses are also nice option if the couple is planning an international honeymoon.
Makeup and Accessories – From a woman’s perspective no outfit is complete without the perfect accessory. So you have a host of potential treasure trove of gifting ideas ranging from branded makeup kits, bags and clutches, to belts, shades and shoes. Just be sure to keep the bride’s trousseau in mind when you shop.

Aromatherapy Basket – Aromatherapy basket complete with scented candles, herbal oils and potpourri are a great idea for gifting to your female colleagues and friends, just to help her relax a bit more after a hard day’s work.

Chocolates – Which girl’s eyes do not light up at the sight of a big basket of chocolates? So go ahead and prepare the most enticing display of chocolates, and be the most thanked guest in the house. Don’t forget to experiment with flavors and remember to ring out those enticing chocolate boutiques if you are looking for something more creative.

Cookery Classes – Help out that culinary skills challenged friend by enrolling her into a cooking class just so she can dazzle her new husband and family with her amazing cooking. Baking classes are also good way to help enhance a friend’s culinary repertoire.

Kitchen Utensils – for a girl looking to set up a new home, it is a great idea to gift some kitchen utensils that are bound to come in handy. Casseroles, non-stick cooking ranges, oven-proof glassware, dinnerware and cutlery sets are the essential items she can’t do without. Gifting these might be a nice way to set her up in her future kitchen.

Decorative Items – It’s the smallest of things that make a house a home. So consider gifting nice and pretty home décor items like lampshades, murals, paintings, wall hangings, clocks, statues and vases. Handicraft items are a very nice touch when it comes to gifting. Rugs and carpets can also be considered. Decorative diyas made of silver, utensils for worshipping, metallic statues of gods and goddesses, are also great gifts to symbolize one’s blessing for their girl.

For Him

Gift for the groom individually can be challenging as there are very few options when it comes to men. Yet here are some ideas that may work for the occasion:

Clothes and Accessories – Clothes are one of the popular choices of gift for men. If you are familiar with their measurements you can gift formal shirts, t-shits, kurtas and even sherwanis. You can even buy suit pieces or just buy a blazer for him. The clothing can be complemented with accessories like belts, wallets, ties and cufflinks.

Gadgets – Most men have a thing for gadgets so they are a great option to gift for a wedding. Things like iPads, mp3 players, Play Stations, DSLRs, laptops and even smartphones are great items to gift in wedding of a close friend. Even Hard Disk drives are a great gifting option for that tech-junkie of a friend.

Video Games and accessories – If your best friend is a gaming fiend, then gifting them popular games or even subscriptions from gaming portals are awesome options you can consider as wedding gifts. You can even buy him high end gaming accessories like headsets, gaming mouse, and 3D high resolution displays.

Adventure Sports Package – If your friend is an adrenaline junkie, then consider buying for him a holiday involving adventure sports like trekking, parachuting, bungee jumping and even whitewater rafting. He is sure to be blessing you after experiencing the highly charged session.

Grooming Kit – grooming kits from high-end cosmetic brands like are a great and inexpensive option for gifting that metrosexual friend for his wedding.

Wedding Budget


Budget is the most crucial aspect of the Indian wedding. With increasing class consciousness and show, people have started spending huge amounts of money on weddings. This not only leads to wastage but might also prove detrimental for you in the end. Though it is a one time affair in life, one should be careful that the happiness wedding brings is not short lived and lasts years to come. In India, the middle class is becoming increasingly experimental and is stretching the limits far beyond. In fact the Indian wedding involves such a long procedure that one is bound to spend. So, there is no need to look ways to go overboard. Now, if you are wondering how to achieve this goal, we have provided some tips below for you help.

Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Budget
Choose an economic wedding venue. Rather than going for plush farm houses, hotels and banquets, go for more economic places.
Get your booking done in advance as the prices are soaring high during the peak season. This will provide you with cheaper deals.
Combine different wedding ceremonies with each other to reduce on the cost. Individual functions for all the rituals are expensive, so club functions. For e.g. club sangeet with mehendi.
Reduce on wedding attire. Go for an outfit which suits your standard but don’t go overboard. Avoid designer clothes and spend decently.
Reduce on your decoration. To reduce the cost for decoration, go for seasonal flowers. Instead of fresh flower decoration, opt for artificial flower decoration.
Reduce on your food and catering. Order accordingly, to avoid any wastage. Do not keep too many items and avoid non seasonal dishes.
Reduce on your invitation cards. Keep the cards simple yet attractive.



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Wedding Colour


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#Mehendi function is going to see a lot of teal colour combined with yellow, peach and pinks. There will be a lot of experimentation with the colour green, the weddings this year will witness different hues of green.

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Indian Wedding Traditions

One billion people, more than 1600 spoken languages, 28 culturally different states,
over 9 religions, one country – India defines diversity. This diversity, seen in every realm
of Indian life starting from food & clothing to customs & traditions, is reflected in Indian
marriages as well. Thus, describing all the nuances of the country’s wedding traditions in
a single piece of writing would truly be a herculean task. This article is a humble effort to
give a glimpse into a colorful and cultural extravaganza.

Months before the wedding an engagement ceremony, known as Mangni (in North
India) or Nischitartham (in South India), is held. The two families meet to perform rituals
to make the engagement official. A muhurat (auspicious date & time) for the wedding is decided based on horoscopes. The couple is then blessed by elders of both families, and
is given gifts including jewelry and clothing by their new family. In certain traditions,
engagement is marked by the exchange of rings between the bride and groom to be.
Indian engagement ceremonies are very elaborate and vibrant, a sort of prequel to the
main wedding, involving close friends and relatives.

The period between the engagement and the marriage is one of great excitement and
anticipation for both the bride and groom to be. It is marked with a lot of fun-filled
activities, with both families getting to together to plan the wedding, to shop, and
getting to bond.
Pre-wedding ceremonies
Traditional Indian weddings last a week, and start with pre-wedding ceremonies. Haldi is
a ritual holy bath during which turmeric (Haldi), oil and water is applied to both the
bride and groom by married women. This
is followed by Mehendi ceremony, during
which the bride’s hands and feet are
decorated with intricate patterns by the
application of Henna. On a lighter note, it
is believed that, deeper the color of the
mehendi (henna) stronger is the groom’s
love for the bride. With foot tapping
music and dances, this ‘ladies-only’ party
lends a break from the otherwise more
ritualistic ceremonies. When the bride
goes to the groom’s house after the
wedding, she is not expected to perform
any housework until her mehendi has
faded away.
Other important North-Indian prewedding
ceremonies include Sangeet, and
Tilak. Sangeet means music. As the name
suggests, this function is an evening of musical entertainment and merriment hosted by
the bride’s family. The main significance of this ceremony is that the bride is introduced
to all the members of her new family. As a part of the Tilak ceremony, vermillion or
kumkum is placed on the forehead of the groom by all the male members of the bride’s
family. Kumkum is a sign of auspiciousness. Presents are given to the groom and his
family, requesting them to take care of the bride.
Janavasam is a predominantly south Indian tradition, where the groom is paraded
around the town on a chariot (or nowadays a open car!), the evening before the
wedding. In small towns and villages this event serves to show the groom to the people,
so that if they knew anything about the groom that had to be brought to the notice of
the bride’s family, they could do so. This is similar to the Christian tradition of the priest
asking those present, if anyone had any objection to the wedding.
Wedding Attire
Traditionally the bride wears a sari or a lehenga which is highly ornate with gold and
silver embroidery. The color of the sari or the
lehenga is of great significance, and is different
for different communities. The colors generally
considered auspicious for the occasion are, red,
yellow, green or white. Red is most common and
it symbolizes prosperity, fertility and saubhagya
(marital bliss). The bride also dons elaborate and
beautiful ornaments primarily made of gold and
precious stones. Her hair is plaited and decorated
with flowers and jewelry. In north India, the bride
also wears a ghunghat (veil), draped modestly
over her hair as a sign of respect to the deities
worshipped and the elders present.
The groom wears a dhoti or sherwani which also
has a lot of subtle but intricate embroidery. The
color of dhoti or the sherwani is usually white, offwhite
or beige. In North-India, the groom also
wears a turban with white flowers tied in suspended strings called the Sehra. In some
traditions, he may also sport a sword as part of his wedding outfit.
In most south Indian weddings, both the bride and the groom have a kajal (black) mark
on their cheek, to ward off ill omen and evil eye. Though the bride and the groom clearly
steal the show with their exquisite outfits, the families of the bride and the groom,
friends, relatives and guests wear very grand clothes. Thus, a typical Indian wedding is a
very colorful affair!
Wedding ceremony
If one thinks this is a lot of rituals, wait till the big wedding day. The actual wedding
ceremony itself is around 3 hours long, not including many other smaller rituals before
and after the muhurat (auspicious time).
The wedding is usually held
at the bride’s home or a
wedding hall. The arrival of
the groom is an important
and fun-filled event. The
groom, dressed in his
wedding attire, leaves his
home to the wedding venue
on a decorated ghodi
(horse) or for the more
extravagant, on a decorated
elephant! Along with the
groom sits his ‘best man’
usually a younger brother, cousin or nephew who acts as his caregiver. However, these
days, these customs are not seen any more as most grooms like to travel by luxury cars.
The groom is usually accompanied by his family members, relatives and friends in a big
procession (Baarat) with a lot of pomp and show including music, orchestra, dance and
At the wedding venue, the bride waits for the groom, with a Jaimala/Varamala, which is
a decorated garland. Soon after the groom arrives, the bride and groom exchange
garlands. On a lighter note, it is considered that, whoever puts the garland first on their
partner, will have an upper hand in the marriage. Following this, the bride’s parents and
elder members of the family welcome the groom and the guests. The mother of the
bride performs the Aarti when the groom enters the house.
The Baraat and Jaimala are primarily North-Indian traditions. In South-India, on the
morning on the wedding day, there is a ceremony called Kashi Yatra, during which, the
groom dressed simple attire, throws a fit (obviously a fake one), declaring that he has
decided to give up the institution of marriage to go to Kasi (Varnasi) to take up
sainthood. This is when the bride’s father/brother humbly requests the groom to
choose marriage over sainthood, convincing him that the bride will assist him in his
subsequent spiritual pursuit. The couple exchanges garlands following this event, during
which both parties carry the bride and groom making it tougher for the other to put the
garland. This is another fun event, eliciting a lot of laughter.
Another popular north Indian tradition is Baasi Jawari or Joothe Churana (stealing the
shoes). The bride’s sisters hide the groom’s shoes, and demand the groom money to
have them returned. Apart from all the fun, many pujas (prayers) are performed by the
bride and the groom on the day of the wedding. The bride does a Gowri puja
(worshipping the Indian goddess Parvathi), and the groom does a Ganesh puja
(worshipping the elephant headed Indian deity Ganesha), to gain their blessings, so that
the entire wedding runs smoothly without any hurdles.
Kanyadaan or giving away of the bride, is an important part of the main wedding ritual.
Kanyadaan is derived from the Sanskrit words kanya which means virgin girl and daan
which means giving away. This is performed by the father of the bride, where he gives
his daughter to the groom, requesting him to accept her as an equal partner. Unlike in a
Christian wedding, the bride and groom marry each other and the priest only facilitates
the marriage by reciting mantras or holy hymns, but doesn’t have the authority to
declare them married.
The bride and groom are considered wed when the groom ties a mangalsutram/thali
which is a sacred thread that symbolizes his promise to take care of the bride as long as
he lives. The groom ties three knots when he ties the Thali, symbolizing the gods
Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. The entire wedding is done around an Agni Homam
(sacred fire). Agni (fire god) is considered as the main witnesses to the marriage. The
bride and the groom then circle the fire seven times, in a clockwise direction, called Saat
Phere which signifies seven goals of married life which include religious and moral
duties, prosperity, spiritual salvation and liberation, and sensual gratification. The bride
leads the Pheres first and then the groom leads them, signifying equality of the two
partners and their determination to stand beside each other though happiness and
Another interesting tradition is the
Sapthapadhi which means taking seven steps
together. It is believed that if one follows
seven steps with another person, it is
considered as a confirmation of their eternal
friendship. Thus in a wedding this symbolizes
that the bride and the groom will keep up their
friendship for life and also partake equally in
both good and bad times in life.
The wedding culminates with the groom
applying vermillion or kumkum to the bride’s
forehead, welcoming her as his partner for life.
This is the first time that kumkum is applied to
the forehead of woman, when the bridegroom
himself adorns her with it. In South-India, this
is usually followed by the groom putting toerings
on the bride. The kumkum, the
mangalsuthram and the toe-rings symbolize a married woman.
South Indian weddings also have a ceremony where the groom shows the Arundhati
Nakshatram (a subtle star in the Ursa Major constellation) to the bride. Historically,
Arundhati was the wife of Sage Vashishta, and was considered to be the chastest of all
women. It is believed that by seeing the Arundhati star, the bride will be as chaste as
Arundhati herself.
Some wedding traditions also include wedding games for the couple to lighten the
mood. In one such game they are to retrieve a ring from a pot of colored water, and this
is done thrice to decide the winner. In another game, the bride and groom work
together, to untie a ball of knots, using only one hand each. This symbolizes their
perseverance in resolving together, issues that might come up in life. Other games
include breaking papad on each other’s head, playing with a ball of flowers.
Food served during the wedding ceremony is traditional and vegetarian. A wide variety
of dishes are served. The types of dishes vary extensively from region to region. In
South-India, food is served on banana leaf.
Post – wedding ceremonies
After the wedding ceremony is over, the bride is bid farewell as she leaves for her
husband’s house. This is a very emotional moment for the bride and her family, as she is
leaving her parent’s family to join her husband’s. In some traditions, the couple goes
first to the bride’s house, and after a few days leaves for the groom’s. In olden days, the
bride used to be carried to the groom’s house in a doli (palanquin). Upon arrival at the
groom’s house the newly-wed couple is greeted at the doorstep with Aarti to ward off
bad spirit. The bride then topples a kalash (metal pot) of rice with her right leg.
Following this, the couple enters the house, taking the first step with the right leg. In
some traditions, the bride steps into a plate of vermillion mixed in water, and walks
down to the prayer room. All this constitutes the grihapravesh (griha – house, pravesh –
entry) ceremony. The bride and groom then perform Satyanarayana puja (prayer)
showing their gratitude to the lord.
The bride and the groom’s side hold a reception for family and friends. They may
combine it with the wedding or may hold it separately. This event is non-ritualistic.
People come to offer their greetings to the newly wedded couple.
With so much of color, vibrancy, food, people, rituals, music, fun and frolic, the Indian
wedding is truly a festival in itself!

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Choosing the right wedding dress for your body shape


It is every woman’s dream to walk down the aisle in the most beautiful gown and every guest’s expectation to see a beautiful bride. The moment you see a beautiful dress you are lost in painting a mental picture of yourself in it. All you care is that it’s beautiful and you want to own it. Well you are excused if it is on a regular day. But deny yourself that liberty if you are doing so for your Wedding day. While at the Wedding trousseau store you might come across that dress which you saw on the runway from the latest bridal collection but remember every dress is different in its silhouette and falls varyingly on different body types. If it complements your structure you are blessed but if it doesn’t fret not as there is undoubtedly a more beautiful gown that waits to embrace your body type.
Every woman concerned about looking beautiful has already figured out her body type. Hence, here are some tips on picking the perfect Wedding Gown and lo and behold your dream of looking like a princess is alive. 
Hourglass: An hourglass figured woman is busty with a defined waist, curvy hips and shapely legs. Her bone structure is small, and sometimes heavy on the buttocks. This body requires a dress that would accentuate the slim waistline. However, the dress should not be too tight or baggy, semi-fitted is the cut to go. A sweetheart neckline would show off the bust with poise.  Two-piece and corset dresses enhance the hourglass figure. A gown which fits and flares like a mermaid gown or the trumpet style gown does perfect justice to this body shape.
Pear shaped: The name is enough to define the body type which means it is just like the fruit where you are small on top and heavy on the bottom. For this body type a strapless ball gown covers the bottom half and brings the upper and better part to focus. The Empire dress or the A line dress is also a perfect choice as it hugs the tiniest region of your body and conceals your lower half. A pear shaped bride should opt for puffy sleeves and shoulder pads to even out the silhouette.
Petite: Since you have a tiny frame you should bear in mind that nothing should be elaborate lest it ends up looking like the gown is wearing you rather than the other way round. An A-line dress works well even for a petite body. Off-the-shoulder gown is another hot pick and all the details like the bows and the sequins should be dainty just like your frame.
Ruler shaped (straight) figure: A ruler shaped woman has an upper and lower torso that is equal in width. She has an average bust, an undefined waist, a flat buttock, and slender legs. As lengthening the upper torso would be the main objective for this body type you can choose a neckline that falls below your collarbone thus elongating the neck. A drop waist skirt or a straight style skirt would also give this structure a slender look.  Your skirt is best in a straight style, as it will slenderize your look
Cone shaped (inverted triangle) figure: A cone shaped woman has a broader top and a narrower bottom. When choosing a wedding gown, you want to aim for balancing out your top and bottom halves. A gown with a plunging neckline is preferable as it will elongate your broad upper frame and a full skirt is not a bad choice as it would balance the width of your shoulder. This is another body type where a ball gown style and an A-line silhouette would look great.