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Themes For Wedding In India

These are the few popular themes

Rajwada Theme
Kalash Theme
Heart Shaped Theme
Spaceship Theme
Lotus Theme
LED Theme
UFO Theme
London Bridge Theme
Entry of Bride & Groom by Moon
Entrance of Groom under Silver Chattar
Men with Mashaals escorting the Groom
Jaimala from Heaven concept
Valentine Theme
Bride’s Palki carried by Men
Flower Rain
Sea Shell Theme
Crane Concept Theme
Hydraulic Revolving Stage

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What to expect from your wedding planner

Planning the perfect wedding can be a lot of work and, quite frankly, it’s a full time job in itself. But that doesn’t mean you have to quit your job in order to plan your wedding, after all that’s what the wedding planners are here for.
So What Does A Wedding Planner Do?
We’ve all seen numerous Hollywood wedding movies that feature at least one super-organised wedding planner, but in India we’re still relatively unfamiliar with the concept when it comes to Indian weddings.
So, while most people think that wedding planners are only in charge of the decor and design, most professionals also offer a complete package where they manage your wedding, end-to-end. Your planner will take on the responsibility of locating and shortlisting all possible options, according to your specifications. Put simply, your wedding planner is your fairy godmother- all you have to do is tell her/him what it is that you want!
But I want to stay involved in planning the wedding…

And you will be! Here’s the thing, (we’ve said this before, and we’re going to repeat it) planning a wedding is like making a movie, which means you’re still the one sitting in the Director’s chair, while your planner fulfils all other possible roles in order to bring your artistic vision to life!
So, whether you want a decor to match your personal style, or a menu that serves up some oomph, nothing will be finalized without your approval. And, even better, you can make the decisions while sitting at home because your planner will make sure that all the samples (wedding invites, menus, etc) are delivered to your doorstep.
By end-to-end you mean…
Finding the perfect venue
Choosing a caterer
Décor and theme
Referrals for designers and makeup artists
Wedding photography and Videography
Pre-Wedding Shoot
Transport and hospitality for wedding guests
Mehendi artists
Choreographers for the sangeet and other functions
But won’t all of this be expensive?
It all depends on what you expect. At your first consultation, your wedding planner will ask you what services you’re looking to hire and your budget for the same. So, you can choose to only book a couple of services (maybe décor and photography), or go in for the complete package. Either way, once you’ve told your planner what you want, and how much you’re willing to shell out, they’ll make sure they fulfill your expectations within your budget, while only taking a small margin as their fee.
You should also keep in mind that since your wedding planner does this professionally, he/she will have tie-ups with many other professionals in the industry and will therefore be able to negotiate a much better price for you than you would have got if you’d approached them personally.
What will the wedding planner expect from me?
Like we’ve said there’s not much for you to do but, there are some things that you can do which will make sure you get hitched without err… a hitch.
Make sure you’re upfront about your budget and what you expect.
Be prepared to take their calls at anytime. After all, it’s the least you can do.
Be realistic. While planners have been known to work miracles, you still need to be prepared to give them time to make it happen
Above all, trust in them!

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Tips to look elegant in saree

Heavier women should wear fabrics like Chiffon, Crepe, Georgette because it stick to the body closely and make your look Slim, but avoid Organza, Tissue and Cotton. This rule applies vice versa for very thin women who want a fuller look.

· Heavier women should wear straight cut, non-flare petticoats underneath the saree.

· Shorter women should not wear Large prints and sarees with broad borders which make look shorter.
· Brocade, heavy Silk, Cottons fabric add volume to over all look so its good choice for tall and slim women.

· Bigger or wide borders will make look short. So a short women should always go with a slight border or no border.

· Before wearing Cotton sarees, It should be starched and properly ironed.

· For office wear, one should choose cotton sarees in subtle colors and prints. These should be worn with the pallu folded in pleats and pinned on the shoulder.

· Heavy silk sarees with golden thread work should be wrapped in a saree cover before storing.

· While you Wear Saree, Always wear sandals instead other footwear.

Go to or shop for an exclusive collection of All types of Designer Sarees, Salawar Suit, Dresses and many more collection, we also sell anything and everything related to wedding and deliver across the globe.

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Wedding Planning In Jaipur

Planning a wedding in Jaipur? Jaipur has always been acknowledged as the crowning glory of Rajasthan. But the majestic footprints left behind by its royal past imbue Jaipur with a distinct character of its own. Its pink embrace has beckoned many modern day prince and princesses to begin their “happily ever afters” within it. Its imposing forts, stunning hilltop palaces, sprawling lawns, tranquil havelis & palatial heritage hotels have played host to both flamboyant & private memorable weddings. has successfully planned and executed over a 300 weddings & events. Our superior service and personalized approach doesn’t just produce unforgettable weddings but builds relationships with clients that last a lifetime. From simple elegance to spectacular, we are committed to making your day special.
You can get married under the sparkling stars on the equally glittering streets or have a larger than life ceremony in the radiant sunlight, but your special day takes a whole new turn as the vibrancy and old world charm of Jaipur permeates every aspect of the event. Your guests will not only marvel at the Maharaja high-life but soak in the luxury of it. All arrangements will be immaculately handled – from well-organized catering to tastefully put up tents.
The liveliness of the various events will be amplified as the essence of Jaipur will be integrated in all the ceremonies (Sangeet, Mehendi, Wedding & Reception), through eclectic dining options, fireworks so splendidly golden that the dazzling Amber fort will look pale in comparison, a glittering “Maharaja Style Baraat ” replete with elephants, horses, tie-and-dye fabrics and bright turbans. All the colours of Jaipur.

Wedding Planning Guide For Jodhpur


The Blue City will make you forget your blues and let you enjoy your wedding to the fullest.
If you have decided to choose Jodhpur as the destination for your wedding planning, then you have made a wonderful choice.
Jodhpur with its rich heritage and cultural beauty is a surreal destination for weddings. It is an ethereally romantic destination to begin the new chapter in your life. You need to have a wedding which will be cherished by everyone for the rest of their lives. And for achieving all that you wish for, trulyours is your one stop!
We at trulyours, strive to fulfill all your dreams and wishes of a ‘Perfect Wedding’. Your wedding planning comprise of all the hustle and bustle and you have no time for yourself or your family members. Pick us and you will be in safe hands. Our forte lies in staging Royal Weddings & Destination weddings. Whether you have your heart set on a regal wedding in Umaid Bhavan or an al fresco desert wedding complete with golden sand and cultural performances, you name it and we will have it for you.
Quaint Mihirgarh Fort is a lavish heritage property which is perfect for entertaining a smaller gathering of people to celebrate the happy couple’s union. It was the abode of the rulers  and today it is equipped with modern amenities that vie with 7 star hotels. The unique combination of ancient and modern, blended with a pinch of sophistication, will make your royal wedding a memorable one. The wedding will not just be about the rasams and the ceremonies; it will be about the Rajasthan theme with traditional food, dances and music by the local folklore and a lot more!

There is an age old saying- Marriages are meant to last forever. Here goes the new one- Marriages and its memories are meant to last forever. We at Ravmek will make sure that you have a wedding whose memories will be forever etched in not only your mind, but also all those who were a part of the occasion.

Customized mobile app for events


Customized mobile app available for weddings and other events too. app can be used for chat too as can be synchronized with Facebook and other domains. We design & develop Celebration apps for various events like, Birthday, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Baby shower, Cradle Ceremony, and many more. Broadly, our pricing structure is of two categories:  Silver and Gold

Silver Apps : We edit previous clients’ used celebration apps.These are old or used Apps.We Change Only Text & image without changing the design.

Gold  Apps: Its a Customize app with new theme, text, image,Design.

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Wedding with us marks the perfection

We have cultivated beauty with its collection of the latest in wedding and event decor. With each event, we continue to display the subtleties of hand-carved pillars, bejeweled fabrics, vibrant floral arrangements and breathtaking lighting. We ensure that your event is inspired by your vision and actualized by our creative insight for wedding. Years of experience in this industry has provided us with the skills to shape your event with the charm and touch of glamour that every event needs for it to be unforgettable.

We offer a wide spectrum of decor that is sure to exceed expectation. Services includes wedding and reception stage decor, pre and post wedding event decor, artistic in-house wedding florist, in-house lighting technicians and much more.

With an experience of decorating hundreds of wedding finesse and fanfare , we have what it takes to execute the biggest event under any roof — be it a wedding, pre/post wedding functions like mehendi, sangeet, raas-garba. Do remember your wedding is as important to us as it is to you
” Your Smile Is Guaranteed”wedding setup

Specialized wedding planning service

We introduces to you a specialized service whereby we can help you achieve & execute your vision in achieving the attention to detail that you would like at your wedding. For those couples that are just beginning planning a wedding and don’t have time to meet many service providers or who are unsure about reputable providers within the industry we are here to help you.

Meet us for free introductory briefing session after which we will personally will setup appointments for you to meet the best service providers in the wedding industry.