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A great event to experience and witness, Gujarati wedding ceremony is a spectacular event characterized with several rituals and celebrations. Known for their liveliness and various festivals Gujarati people celebrate marriage with great pomp and show. The main characteristics of Gujarati wedding are gorgeous and colorful attires, sumptuous cuisines and great decoration of the mandaps. Various poojas and ritualistic customs are performed while celebrating a marriage event.

The engagement ceremony is the first formal ceremony of a marriage. The bride arrives at the groom’s place. After the Sagai various ceremonies are performed namely Pithi, Mehndi and Mandap Muharat. One of the typical rituals is Grihshanti Pooja performed for the peace and prosperity of home. On the previous day Garba dance is performed by the artistes and other friends and family members. This colorful dance fills the pre wedding celebration.

The main Gujarati wedding rituals are Madhuparka, Hastamilaap, Saubhagyavati Bhava and Chero Pakaryo. The post wedding celebrations are Vidai, ‘Ghar Nu Laxmi’ i.e. welcome ceremony of the bride at groom’s home and ‘Aeki Beki’.

Gujarati wedding is an extravagant celebration spanning over a week. For the people of Gujarat, Marriage is a great festival which reflects the vibrant culture of the state. Each ritual and custom reflects the rituals and traditions of the people. As an Indian wedding planner we arrange Gujarati style weddings in India. Those who wish to tie the knot in a Gujarati wedding style they can solemnize it in India at their sought after venues.