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Hindu weddings rituals is composite term for all weddings rituals of India performed by Hindu people all over the country. Though they solemnize weddings in their own style, there is some similarity among all the linguistic community of the country who are Hindus. Be it Kerala wedding or Bengali wedding, all are Hindu weddings. According to the Hindu faith marriage is an institution who teaches one the true values of life. The Hindu weddings are more colorful, more thrilling and religious than other weddings. Marriage is a union of two souls, Hindus believe.

A Hindu wedding is a grand celebration not only for the bride and groom but for the entire community. Both love marriage and arranged marriages are parts of Hindu traditional weddings. In arranged marriages the parents select bride and groom for their son and daughter. After the selection process, engagement ceremony takes place where both exchange rings.

Mehndi ceremony is the most vibrant part of a Hindu wedding in which Mehndi is pasted on the hands and feet of the bride. The friends and relatives of the bride also wear Mehndi on their hands and celebrate the ceremony singing and dancing. The other rituals are Sangeet party and ghari puja before the main wedding celebration. Sangeet party is the main pre wedding celebration among the Punjabis, Marwaris and Gujaratis.

On the wedding day, the cleansing ceremony takes place both at bride and groom’s house. Turmeric powder is pasted in their homes which are for beautification. Then they are dressed with best attires for the main rituals performed at mandaps or tent decorated with flowers and lightings. Relatives and friends are invited for the main celebration.

Around a sacred fire, the bride and groom take the seven circles known as saptapadi or saat phere. The Priest chant the mantras, amidst such a heavenly atmosphere the groom places vermilion on the forehead and parting of the hairs of the bride and puts Mangalsutra around her neck. Vermilion and Mangalsutra are the sacred things offered to the bride.

Hindu wedding is a great event which reflects the multi-dimensional culture of India. The wedding ceremony spans over a week, all the relatives, family and friends indulge in fun and frolic celebrating each and every ritual. Each ritual has religious significance and a feast to the eye.