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Kerala wedding means a great celebration of rituals and customs. The Hindus of Kerala are known for their colourful customs and rituals. Be it marriage or other celebrations Kerala Hindus perform various rituals according to their tradition. Being religious Kerala Hindus celebrate lots of fairs and festivals throughout the year. Marriage is one of the most important events for Keralites and they celebrate and solemnize this event as an extravagant affair. From folk dance to traditional attires all become a main part of Kerala wedding.

The Hindu wedding of Kerala has some similarity with the main Hindu wedding rituals of India, yet they have some uniqueness in rituals and celebrations. The wedding starts with the study of the stars by the parents of the prospecting bride and groom. As the horoscope matches, an auspicious day is selected for the marriage event. Before the wedding day the bride and groom dine with the family and relatives seeking blessings. A five-course vegetarian meal is served at the bride’s house.

The marriage ritual is performed at the bride’s house. To arrive at the bride’s house for the auspicious moment the groom visits a temple seeking blessings. The groom is dressed up in a traditional dhoti and “angavastram”. Welcoming the groom the bride’s father washes the groom’s feet. Meanwhile the groom gives him the off white saree has to be dressed up by the bride for the main rituals.

Like other Hindu weddings, the main ceremony is solemnized around a fire. The bride and groom then move around sacred fire thrice. Then amidst the chanting of mantras a purohit performs the main nuptials. The rituals are followed by a grand wedding feast and after that the bride leaves the house. When she arrives at her husband’s home a ceremony namely “Grihapravesh” is performed. Thereafter some post wedding rituals are performed at the groom’s house.

Kerala cuisine culture is very rich. There are lots of meals and sweets served to the guests on a wedding event. The vegetarian meal is mainly served.