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Marathi wedding is the wedding of the Maharashtrian people known for their colorful cultural life. Indeed Marathi wedding is a great event to experience the unique culture and custom. The heritage of Marathi people tell about its rich past and hence wedding is also a spectacular event. Since from costumes to cuisine, they have their unique style of wedding solemnized with religious observance. The wedding comprises mainly three parts, pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding celebration. The rituals performed on each day of the wedding are a great sight to see and experience.

The pre-wedding ceremony starts with an exchange of sugar between the bride and groom’s house. Great occasions of mirth and merriment takes place at the both bride and groom’s house to welcome them to their new life. Turmeric power is pasted on their bodies as a beautification and cleansing process. Gifts are given by relatives and families who also enjoy their time singing and dancing with the bride and groom respectively.

The main wedding rituals are performed at a mandaps decorated colorfully. Before tying the knot the bride and groom have to perform the rituals namely antarpaat, Laxmi Narayan Puja and jhal phirawne. After all the rituals bride leaves her father’s house. Grand feast is thrown out at the bride’s home.

The post-wedding rituals are quite simple. After entering the groom’s house both seek blessings from the elderly people of their family. All the rituals are performed with religious observance.