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One of the most traditional communities of India, Marwaris are very jovial people and they perform various rituals and customs. The main residents of the colorful land, Rajasthan Marwaris have migrated to various parts of the country and they spread their culture far and wide. Their wedding is an expensive affair and they perform various rituals and organize great parties celebrated with pomp and splendor. The wedding has three stages-pre wedding rituals, wedding rituals and post wedding rituals.

The wedding ritual starts with the engagement ceremony taking place at the groom’s residence, the bride’s father place a tilak on the forehead of the groom and gives him gifts. The other pre-wedding rituals are Pithi Dastoor and Mahira dastoor and palla dastoor. At the Pilla Dastoor ceremony the bride is gifted with clothes and jewellery from the groom.

Rajput Baraat

Rajput baraat is the main attraction of the main wedding of Rajputs. A group of men accompanying the groom arrives at the residence of bride. The mother-in-law welcomes the baraat with an aarti ceremony. Then rituals are performed at the mandaps where mainly female members attend. Then the bride bids farewell home. After arrival of the bride some rituals are performed at the groom’s house to welcome the bride.

Marwari wedding is a great event to experience. The main features are colorful décor, grand feasts, costly attires, gorgeous ornaments, etc. The mandaps is decorated lavishly for solemnization of marriage. Some of the traditional practices are celebrated before and after marriage. The post wedding celebration extends more than three days where all friends and families enjoy the festive mood.