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Nikaah, the Muslim wedding is performed with religious observance. Muslims can arrange their wedding at any time as there is no auspicious moment for Muslim wedding. The house of the bride or groom is the main venue for wedding celebration. A nowadays wedding becomes a public event and is organized at the marriage halls and banquet halls. The rituals are performed strictly in a Muslim wedding.

Muslim wedding comprises three parts- pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. Before the main wedding day the families of bride and groom visit each other’s families and engage in funfare exchanging sweets and fruits. There are great celebrations at the both bride and groom’s house. The main wedding ritual takes place at a marriage hall or at the residence of the bride and groom.

The Mangni ritual starts the wedding in which rings are exchanged. In the Manjha ceremony, the bride is cleansed with turmeric paste sent by the groom s family. On the main day of wedding friends and relatives accompany the groom to reach the bride’s house. The bride and groom sit in separate rooms during the marriage ceremony.

The groom is bound to give a particular amount of money to the bride which is decided by the elders from both sides. A priest performs the rituals reading a selected piece from holy Koran. The nikahnama sign is the main climax of a Muslim wedding in which the groom sign first and the bride next in presence of witnesses. The post wedding ritual is the Rukhsat ceremony takes place on the next day of marriage when the bride bids farewell to her house and arrives at the groom’s house.

Grand feast is organized both at the bride and groom’s house. Friends and relatives are invited for marriage ceremony. The post wedding celebrations are performed at four phases, the bride leaves her home and welcomed at the new house.

The Muslim people of India celebrate various entertainment parties as a part of wedding rituals. Music becomes a part of the celebration. Muslim wedding is characterized by lavish decoration, grand reception, entertainment parties, etc.