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As no two weddings are the same, we do not offer set packages. Instead, we provide a complimentary consultation, after which you can choose from our list of Wedding Planning Services. We then present a customized package based on your vision, requirements and preferences.

A lot of plotting and planning from trousseau, décor, jewellery, gifts to entertainment is involved. The key ingredient that every aspiring couple wants, when it comes to a wedding, is lavishness that is unique and royal at the same time! The fantasy and grandeur is the essence of every dream wedding. Nothing beats the charm of guests and your relatives applauding you for your efforts and innovation on the wedding day.

From mountain top wedding in New Zealand to royal wedding in Jodhpur. You get the lowdown on the best ideas, venues and themes for the perfect destination wedding. Get married in a five star or a seven star hotel in Scotland or France, with chandeliers hanging atop, or get married on a sandy beach in Thailand or Goa, with the winds of love gently blowing and the tides rising to your promise of commitment.

Customized packages are made as per the budget so feel free to contact our wedding planner.