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One of the prime communities of India, Sikhs is known for their jovial cultural life. The main inhabitants of Punjab state, Sikhs are religious people and their religion is Sikh religion founded by Guru Nanak. Sikh wedding is one of the most lively event to witness.

Marriage is one of the great cultural extravaganzas of this community who perform various rituals and customs. Lots of Bollywood movies depict the Sikh wedding with great pomp and show. The main hallmarks are great feast and cultural programmes. The main wedding venue is the Gurudwaras, nowadays wedding is celebrated at the social places or mandaps.

The wedding ceremony of Sikh is a spectacular event characterized by dance and music, great feasts and merriment. The Sikh people are jovial and they lead a warm social life. Their weddings and other social events are marked by great celebrations and enjoyment.

Sangeet, a ceremony of music and dance

Sangeet is the main pre wedding ceremony where only female members take part in the celebration. They perform traditional music and dance. The main dance performed at the wedding is Bhangra, a dance of great fun and frolic. All the rituals and customs make this event a memorable one where both the relatives and friends of bride and groom enjoy their moment playing games and dancing.

Grand feast is organized to serve the guests with the best Punjabi menus. After the main wedding there are some post wedding rituals are performed at the groom’s house. The wedding fun continues till one week.